Two hundred and twenty-four through two hundred and forty-five



Row 1 : [Steve Madden, Topshop, New Look, Topshop], Faith, [Faith, Issac Mizrahin, Summer Jasmine Pedicure, Dolcis]

Row 2 : Office, Faith, Martinez Valero

Row 3 : Office, [Matalan, Strawberry], Pied a Terre

Row 4 : [Office, Vera Wang, Converse, Hot Topic], Dr Marten, Roland Cartier


one-hundred and ninety-four through two-hundred and five



Row 1 : Free People, YRU x Dollskill, Alexander McQueen

Row 2 : Memphis Grizzlies, Target, [Target, Target]

Row 3 : Dune, Office, Juicy Couture

Row 4 : Steve Madden, Office, Vans


I am resorting to combining shoes in one, via a collage, to get through quicker and because somehow some shoes work better as a group…

one-hundred and eighty-one through one-hundred and ninety-three





Row 1 : Converse, Target, Minnetonka

Row 2 : Circus by Sam Edelman, Faith, Topshop

Row 3 : Free People, YRU x Dollskill, Alexander McQueen

Row 4 : Memphis Grizzlies, Target, Target x2


I debated whether or not to include some shoes like Target sandals or gym shoes, and it’s still a work in progress. Obviously, I included these Target sandals but there are others which I haven’t and my Nikes for the gym are also absent. It’s hard to know where to draw the line!

No regrets about the slippers.


one-hundred and forty-five through one -hundred and fifty-six


Row 1 : Jeffrey Campbell, Boutique 9, Fabrizio Chini

Row 2 : Circus by Sam Edelman, LF Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell

Row 3 : Miu Miu, Coast, Ugg

Row 4 : Circus by Sam Edelman, Jeffrey Campbell, Nine West


Why yes, I am a big fan of Jeffrey Campbell! I don’t think I realized how many JC shoes I had until typing out their frequent appearances in these posts…