Style Mood: Glitter Trash

glitter trash

Some people have a style uniform, an iconic style that they hone over many years. I am… not one of those people. I am a messy closet owner who just goes with the mood they’re in that day, or hour. Those of us who are stylistically phrenetic life are a Marie Kondo nightmare, with bulging racks of clothes that are all necessary but match nothing. However, despite embracing many aesthetics, we likely have a few different styles we group our outfits in to match our moods.

Glitter trash is one of mine. This look doesn’t necessarily require an outfit to have glitter, but rather the outfit not look out of place if you were pulled into a retro coke-fuelled fashion photoshoot at a motel in America. It’s the equivalent of the smeared lipstick at the end of the night that still looks cool, it’s unique, and it’s “totally from some awesome little vintage store you’ve not heard of” but the glitter trash girl will absolutely share the name of it, and invite you to go shopping next week. She’s not a manic pixie dream girl, but this is not an outfit for your office day job.

Chunky high heels, show off those stems, too many accessories, yesterdays wavy hair, sunglasses inside, brightly colored bra straps, lots of eyeliner. It’s boho, it’s punk, it’s a clutch purse you keep losing. Paint each nail a different color, dye your hair in a avocado green bathtub, swap bracelets with your friends, dance all night. She’s a modern day Studio 54, she is an Andy Warhol fever dream.

I don’t get the chance to rock the glitter trash look as much now that I’m older, but it certainly holds a very fond place in my heart and in my closet.