Cyclical Trends

We all know the cyclical nature of fashion, and even enjoy it most of the time. We accept that bad fashion is part of the cycle, a necessary evil to enjoy the good fashion again. The beauty of it, is that this cyclical process is wonderfully personal to each person. A particular style may hold nostalgia value for you, or may be the gateway to you discovering a decade for which you were not alive, and learning about it. What is a beloved style for you,  may be another person’s horror, and that personal attachment cannot be swayed by any number of Vogue articles or “think-pieces”. If you love your 80’s leg warmers, you love them no matter how many essays tell you they’re “over” or even “back again”.

So when I list the following items that I am sick of seeing back again, or ones I hope never do, it is just my opinion. I am sure my own personal favorites are among the most hated on other lists, so on that note, here we go!

Kitten heels had a moment in the 00’s (the “aughts”? the “naughties”?) and in the 80’s too. I specifically mean the stiletto kitten heel, most horrifically styled as mules, with denim uppers, or in white on the feet of women in the opening montage of a 80’s RomCom that I am probably imagining but just feels so right. I am not including short heels or block heels, just those darn wobbly stiletto kitten heels that looked easier to walk in than high heels but still felt unstable or got stuck between pavement stones. Ease of wearing notwithstanding, they also did favors to no legs. I know they are making a slight comeback now, but can we agree that these hard-to-wear and unflattering shoes are not worth the effort?

Skirts over trousers made a weak attempt at a comeback this year, and was happily quickly forgotten again. I am going to include footless tights and leggings under a skirt in this too, as it has a similar look. Again, an 80’s trend that made a big comeback in the 00’s, this look came in a range of neon clashing colors to the first “basic” uniform with black leggings, a denim skirt and some chestnut Ugg boots. I understand the need to be warm while you wear a mini skirt, but only Madonna made this look work, and that was because it was Madonna and she could kind of make anything work.

I’m now going to mention rompers but will first say, that it is only the process of wearing them that puts them on this list. I am always seeing fabulous body suits and rompers on people, who look beautiful, but the effect is sometimes ruined in my mind when I think about the process of using the bathroom wearing one. You effectively need to undress your whole top to pee, and it feels rather unpleasant when using a public bathroom. However, there is not workaround for this problem, because then it wouldn’t be a connected-all-in-one romper. Can science help out? Hm, I think they have better things to do.

Oh, there are more. I mean, I could go on about the horror of wallet chains, JNCO jeans, fishnet tops, belts that do nothing, anything that was “hot” in the 00’s, patchwork, peasant skirts, denim skirts (both mini and bible-camp midi), sweater vests, overly distressed jeans, and plastic jewelry. But perhaps that is another post for another day. Do you disagree with these trends as bad? As I said before, this is my opinion and if you love these, I am not judging you. I love how trends do cycle, which ones do so more often and which are never seen again like ladies wearing poodle skirts and gloves!

Fashion – and art – tends to get creative during unstable political and social times, when designers sometimes include their commentary within designs or reflect by bringing back certain trends from eras of similar turbulence. I shall be keeping a close eye of Fashion Week this year, as I am very curious to see what is trending for 2017/18.


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